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Complete Loss Circulation Sealant – 25# sx
A complete loss of returns material containing high fluid loss with a large PSD of unique bridging and sealing agents. It is designed to be squeezed into the thief zone forming a solid plug reducing wellbore stress.

Fiber Seal

Micronized Cellulose Fiber – 25# sx
A blend of micronized cellulose fibers specifically designed to seal depleted sands. Compatible with water, oil and/or synthetic base muds. FIBER SEAL prevents differential
sticking, cures seepage and complete mud loss. Available in Fine or Coarse grades.

Surface Sweep

Surface Hole Sealant/Viscosifier – 25# sx
A unique blend of high yield polymer and bridging agents. It is specially formulated for upper hole, fast drilling in sand or gravel formations.


Sulfonated Asphalt/Gilsonite Resin – 50# sx
A sulfonated asphalt, gilsonite resin used as a shale stabilizer, filtercake enhancer, HPHT fluid loss reducer and sealant for microfractures and depleted sands.


Sulfonated Asphalt – 50# sx
A water-soluble sodium sulfonated asphalt used primarily for shale control. This product is a true sulfonated asphalt, unlike many other products. It has no fillers such as causticized thinners, gilsonite, finely ground asphalts and surfactants. It chemically neutralizes clays and shales while enhancing filtercake quality.


Defoamer – 5 gal. pail
Is a liquid product used to effectively remove entrapped air and reduce surface tension from all types of water based muds. Utilized to reduce and control the foaming in a solids free work over and completions fluids system. Effective at high temperatures and a wide range of PH values.


Poly Friction Reducer – 5 gal. pail
Is a liquid Xanthan with a liquid friction reducer added to help create a product that will provide rapid and uniform viscosity with added friction reducing capabilities. Specially used for Coil Tubing operations.