“Our mission is to deliver quality service, products, and mud systems
in an environmentally safe and economical manner.”

Fluid Technology Service

FLUID TECHNOLOGY SERVICE INTERNATIONAL, L.L.C. is a plant verification, mud engineering, fluid engineering, workover and drilling fluid system products company. Experienced engineers and auditors are available 24 hours a day to assure quality and volume from plant to well site. Considering the high cost of materials and fluids, it is to the operator’s advantage to use independent personnel for oversight of fluids and fluid products. Our independent personnel can be counted on to make recommendations that are safe, economical and protect the interest of the operator. Whether the need is for plant verification, tankerman services, fluid engineering, products, or whole mud systems, FLUID TECH can make a difference!

Services and Products

FLUID TECH offers a range of services that includes plant verification, fluid engineering and quality products.

I. Plant Verification

  • Quality control and volume of heavy brines
  • Real-time web based reporting with our Fluidtrac system
  • Quality control and volume of expensive oil base and synthetic fluids
  • Safety and environmental considerations
  • Samples obtained and stored for 6 months
  • Communication from plant to dispatchers and wellsite
  • U.S. Coastguard Tankerman Services

II. Engineering

  • Mud Engineering
  • Completion Fluids Engineering

III. Products

  • Workover and Completion
  • Drilling Fluid Systems
  • Whole Mud Systems
  • All environmentally safe and quality controlled

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